SITE rules and regulations


The exhibitor will complete an application form for a commercial site and on its acceptance by the Royal Agricultural Society of WA (RASWA) the following terms and conditions will apply to the licence.

Please note RASWA reserves the right to alter or amend, at its sole discretion, the Rules and Regulations by notice in writing delivered to the exhibitor.


In these Rules and Regulations and unless the context otherwise requires:

  1. exhibitor” means a person, business, organisation or group that sells or promotes their work

    or products. It includes exhibitors in pavilions, exhibitors in open areas, exhibitors who operate retal site/s, caterers, sideshow, games, rides and attractions operators;

  2. licence” means a short term licence of a site in the Showground granted by RASWA to an exhibitor;

  3. site agreement” means the site agreement for a site in the Showground granted by RASWA to an exhibitor;

  4. event” means the 2024 The Muster;

  5. RASWA” means Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia;

  6. Showground” means the Claremont Showground, Claremont, Western Australia;

  7. site” means that part of the Showground which RASWA has granted an exhibitor a licence agreement to use;

  8. stand” means an exhibitor’s display, premises, temporary building, tent, sideshow, attraction

    or other improvement erected by an exhibitor; and

  9. common area” means an area that is utilised by exhibitors and public, including pavilion aisles, walkways, streets and grassed or paved areas.

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